Češka Studánka (spring), Cerchov, Czech Republic

Češka Studánka na Čerchově
Publisher: Nakl. V. Rybařik

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Okolí bylo upraveno Klubem ceských turistu roku 1901. V létech 1939-1945 a 1950-1990 bylo místo neprístupné. Obnoveno bylo roku 1968 (jen na chvíli) a naposledy v roce 1990 KCT Domažlice. Studánka je kryta altánkem a každorocne zde probíhá turistické setkání spojené se zamykáním a odemykáním studánky.

Vicinity of the spring was adjusted by The Czech Hiking Club (KCT) in 1901. Between the years 1939-1945 and 1950-1990 the place lay inside an inaccessible border zone. In 1968 the place was restored for a short time. The final restoration of the natural spring was realized by KCT Domažlice in 1990. Today the source is covered by an arbour. An annual tourist gathering is held there. This action is associated with a tradition of symbolical locking and unlocking of the spring.

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Čerchov (German Schwarzkopf) with an altitude of 1042 m, the highest peak of the Bohemian Forest and the symbol of Chodsko, lies approximately 15 km southwest of Domažlice and less than 2 km from the German border. A mythical mountain in a mythical environment, where the Chod family used to guard the border and one of the few areas that remained Czech in the typically German border area until World War II. . . . A strong spring and a repaired gazebo await us in a place called Česká studánka . The well was renovated by the Czech Tourists Club as early as 1901, but was inaccessible for many years thanks to the border zone.