City National Bank, Evanston, Illinios, USA

City National Bank, Evanston, Ill.
c. 1910
Publishers: Simplicity Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan

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The City National Bank of Evanston was organized on the 14th of February, 1900, by Thomas Bates. David R. Forgan, Rollin A. Keyes, M. A. Kirkman, James A. Patten. Henry A. Pearsons and Joseph F. Ward, who constituted its first board of directors. It was capitalized for one hundred thousand dollars and was opened for business on the 21st of June, 1900. The present officers of the institution are as follows: Charles X’. Stevens, president ; Edwin Sherman, vice president; Hnrd Comstock, cashier; George B. Burdsal, assistant cashier; A. P. Rogers, assistant cashier: and Julian Tiffany, assistant cashier. The pres- ent directorate includes William Buchanan, Thomas H. Eddy, J. II. Fall. Jr., David R. Forgan, William S. Mason, James A. Patten, Edwin Sherman, Charles X. Stevens, Charles E. Ware and Rawleigh Warner.

The original capital of one hundred thousand dollars was doubled in May, 1919, by an additional stock issue of one hundred thousand dollars sold to the stockholders at par. The City National Bank of Evanston now has surplus and profits of four hundred and nine thousand and ten dollars, while its deposits amount to six million, seven hundred and sixteen thousand, two hundred and eighty dollars. From the beginning the bank has been located at 800 Davis street in Evanston, where three times the growth of the business has necessitated the remodeling of the building to afford additional space.
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