Waterfill Gardens, Zaragosa, Mexico

Main Building – Waterfill Gardens
Juarez Mts. –  From Corridor | Refreshment Dispensary
Postmarked 1933
Publisher: Curt Tecih & CO
On back:
A place of refinement
Zaragoza – Chihuahua, Mexico
12 Miles East of El Paso, Texas, down the beautiful Valley Drive to Ysleta, Texas. Turn at Alexanders Store 1 mile south to International Bridge and the beautiful Waterfill Gardens in Mexico

Waterfill Gardens has been designed especially for YOU . . . offering the best in foods, music and liquid pleasures. There’ll be souvenirs–FREE–Saturday for every visiting lady and gentlemen. Mr. McKitrick, who is well known by many El Pasoans and visitors to Juarez, is now catering manager at Waterfill Gardens. He is waiting for the opportunity to serve and please you. ?d you know Bill Franklin. Well, he’s in charge of the music. That means the best in entertainment. Waterfill Gardens offers you everything superb–and an atmosphere of refinement and rest. Plan now to drive down for the opening. A good time is assured you.
El Paso Times, 17 Oct 1931,

Waterfill Gardens at Zaragoza and in Mexico across the border from Ysleta is proving a very popular resort this summer. The newly constructed club offers a pleasing combination of genuine Spanish Colonial architecture with the most modern appointments. An investment of over $100,000 in U. S. currency has provided an exceptionally fine cabaret, restaurant, tap-room and amusement center. Situated in a 500 acre tract of land it offers accomodations for 750 guests. Waterfill Gardens specializes in meeting the demands for family parties and it is not an unusual sight to see an entire family from grandparents to the smallest children enjoy an afternoon in the pleasant and sociable surroundings.
El Paso Times, 26 May 1938

Fire Chief J. T. Sullivan and the City Council will meet one day during the coming week to discuss the problems of whether to send El Paso fire equipment to Juarez and Juarez valley fires, Mayor J. E. Anderson said Saturday. Chief Sullivan Friday night refused to send equipment to fight a fire at Waterfill Gardens, Zaragosa, across the Rio Grande from Ysleta. and the famous resort burned to the ground.
El Paso Times, 16 July 1939

Main Building – Waterfill Gardens

Juarez Mts. –  From Corridor

Refreshment Dispensary